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Divine Connection

It’s been said that God will purposefully allow events in your life to happen for specific reasons, as well as Him placing certain people and circumstances in your life to position you for His will. Well, I can 100% say that I am a testament of that truth! Growing up as a ‘church kid’, I’ve been attending and have been involved in church activities as far back as I can remember. However, though I understood the meaning of serving Christ in my head as a teenager, it very rarely pressed on to my heart long enough to hold any deep meaning. Thus, as a university student; church eventually became more of a weekly activity instead of a desire. I understood the purpose of worship and the word, but to be frank, I ignored it. I can admit, that I placed Christ into a box. I only opened that box on Sundays, and completely disregarded Him throughout the week. I found myself looking to church as an excuse to hang out, rather than seeking growth in Him. His ‘Word’, remained just that, words. Eventually, my heart had hardened and the voice of His Sprit became very, very dim. In university, I found myself in years of spiritual darkness. The typical student scene of; drugs, alcohol, girls, and excessive partying. I knew what I was being involved in was wrong, but I chose to indulge in it anyway for the sake of fleshly pleasures. It affected my grades, as I would fall into academic probation and suspension, and my health, as evident in a recent liver scan. I knew it hurt my mother, as she would see me constantly come home in the early hours of the morning. Little did she know, that I often came home drunk and light- headed. This would continue, even as I was volunteering at church. I kept that life separate from it. Hiding it from them, as if I was hiding it from God. How foolish of me, right? Eventually, the volunteering stopped. It wasn’t until I saw a Faith Bridge post on social media, over a year since meeting Pastor Ricardo at my workplace, that I saw an opportunity to involve myself at church once again. I know now that this was a divine connection! Long story short, after sitting down 1-on-1 with him, God moved so strongly on my heart that I felt His Spirit physically. I found myself pulling over to the side of the road, and COMPLETELY breaking down into tears as I felt not only conviction, but His purest love and forgiveness. Though I had hardened my heart towards Him, my own spirit couldn’t contain itself in His presence. I immediately recognized that God was pressing Faith Bridge as an opportunity for me to grow in Him. In the midst of this emotional drama unfolding between God & I, I began to briefly pray and worship Him in my car. As I wiped my tears and looked up through my windshield, what did I see? A separate church in the distance with a large Cross on its roof. The image of the Cross in addition to what was happening, I knew Christ was speaking to me! His presence is something that cannot be explained in words! I knew from that moment on, that Faith Bridge is where God had meant me to be.

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